I have the above-mentioned declared that my major goal this year is to take part in - and not least make a good figure at the Junior World Championships.

To reach my goals do I currently on a weekly basis 10-20 hours of training, regardless of weather and season. My training at present consists of a lot of cycling, TKC (Talent Kraft Center)

in orienteering, where I train with the best from all over central of Jutland and run a little athletics. The program will certainly change gradually, as the Junior World Cup approaching.


· I have a passion

· I have a idea

· I have a vision

· I have a goal

· I have the will 

I will participate in the JWOC 

MTB-O 2009.

JWOC held this year together with EOC, in Denmark.

What is MTB-O ?

Mountainbike orienteering, as the name indicates a mixing between the ordinary foot-orienteering and mountain biking, with the restriction, that no biking outside the paths and tracks is allowed. This means that

MTB-O gives a very intense experience when you race around the tracks and paths at high speed, with his o-map and looking for control points.

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Junior-WM fra 23/06 til 27/06.

Ready for the World Championship in the new junior teams outfit.

Sprint d. 23 Bøndernes Hegn  With participation of 60 M20 riders.

Middle d. 24 Ganløse Ore. With participation of 59 M20 riders.

Long d. 25 Gribskov. With participation of 55 M20 riders.

Relay d. 27 Hareskovene. With participation of 21 M20 times.

There are participations from over 20 countries in the Junior World Cup

Danish National Team EOC/JWOC MTB-O 2009

I am selected for the Junior World Championships